What to Do When You Get a Smashed Windshield


Discovering any damage on your precious car is heartbreaking. But when you encounter a damaged windshield you need it fixed fast. For starters you can’t safely drive when it is like this. Also the car looks terrible. So what do you do?

You really have two options in this case, but I would strongly recommend the second option. First you could choose to repair it yourself. Sure this is an option so it is worth mentioning. Although you must tread lightly with this plan. Even if you consider yourself a handyman, handling a large piece of glass for a windshield is tricky and dangerous. Hence why I would suggest leaving it to the professionals.

If your lucky you might know a friend in the industry or have a trustworthy recommendation. Otherwise your best bet is to go in search of a nearby repairer. Mobile windshield repair services are common and then best thing about a mobile service is they come to you. No need to drive your vehicle to a workshop. This may not even be possible with a badly damaged windscreen.

The mobile team can source the required glass and once onsite can normally complete the job in a matter of minutes, maybe hours. But either way this will be much less time that you trying to research where to buy the glass, installation materials and how exactly to complete the job. Plus a trained professional should provide warranty on their work and you will have the peace of mind knowing the job has been completed correctly. Leaving your vehicle safe for transporting you and your passengers.

So in order to answer the question of this article. What should you do when you get a smashed windscreen? Get it fixed silly! But be smart and get a professional to do it for you.

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