Reasons to opt for a Smart key for Your Vehicle


Car manufacturers have made significant advancements in the automotive industry. It is not a must that you have a physical key for your vehicle with the introduction of the keyless entry systems. The advantages of using are what has made keyless cars popular across the globe.

How Does the Smart Key System?

All the cars you have seen use a traditional or mechanical key to start and lock. Things are different with the keyless entry system. To start the engine, unlock and lock the doors, the smart key uses sophisticated microchips and array of sensors. This device makes it easy for the driver.

Is the Keyless Entry System Secure?

You are locking the car without a key! How safe is this option? This is a common question with drivers. What makes the option secure is the fact that the key fob has a unique signal or rolling code that functions like any car key. The difference is the level of security. It is designed in a way that the car verifies the code the smart key sends and if it is correct it functions by starting, locking or unlocking the vehicle.

The Car Cannot be stolen

Unless the car is towed away, no one can steal it. If someone does not have the specific smart key, the car does not open and if they break into, the engine is disabled. This means that the car cannot be started and the thief will just give up and leave.

Locking the Car is automatically

In case the driver exits the car and they forget to lock their car, they should not be worried. The keyless entry system has an auto-lock feature. The system notices when the key is out of range and this leads to an automatic lock. If someone saw you forgot to lock the car, planning to get inside, they would be very disappointed.

Windows Roll up Automatically

You easily forget to roll up your windows when you exit the car. When you have a keyless car, you should never worry about this. It’s just like the auto-locking whereby, the car senses the key fob is no longer within the range. It rolls up the window slowly which is made possible by the ‘auto window up rolling’ feature.

If you are looking forward to buying a new car, you may consider one with a smart key entry system. One thing that you will enjoy the most is the level of security that you get from one. You no longer worry about not locking the car when you exit or your valuables getting stolen just because you did not roll up the windows.

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