Control measures to reduce automobile pollution


Government and local authorities have put laws and policies in place to govern and regulate the emission of black carbon by cars. However, despite its effort, there has always been noncompliance. Due to this resistance, they have devised some win-win situations where the owner of a car is exempted from certain road tax if he/she uses a car which is fitted with retrofit exhaust abatement equipment.

Reduce harmful emissions from the cars by implementing simple practices like,

Use cars only when it is necessary.

If the conditions favor other means, consider using public transport, bike, walking, or carpooling with friends if you are on the same mission. If your job allows it, you can also work from home when possible.

Drive more efficient vehicles.

Poorly maintained cars are the principal cause of harmful emissions from Automotives. The fact does not mean properly maintained vehicles do not emit toxic gases, but rather the degree of harm is much lower. Take your car for regular oil check-ups and always ensure your tires are fully inflated.

Don’t put your car on unnecessary idling.

The modern cars do not require warming up before starting to drive. Thus, only start the engine when you are ready to get on the road. With that, you will save on your pocket in respect to fuel cost as well as protect the environment from damage. Also when dropping, picking peoples, or pieces of luggage avoid leaving the car in idling position.

Use efficient lawn and gardening pieces of equipment,

Consider using manual mowers if the park area is small or consider buying battery powered or electric powered mowers. If you must buy fuel powered types of machinery ensure they are fitted with catalysts as well as other electronic fuel injection systems.

Air injections.

Most of the harmful gases emitted from the exhaust pipes are as a result of poor combustion of fuel. Poor combustion results from insufficient oxygen getting to the engine. To ensure full combustion more air needs to be injected into the system. Also during a cold start, a car requires more air than it would require under standard conditions and the catalyst converter will not work properly until the precise temperatures are achieved.

Remote emission sensing.

These are regulatory measures put in place in certain areas where the contents of gas emitted by your automotive are detected as your car passes. If it has any issues, it is referred to a mechanic for repair.

  • Plan for single batch home deliveries to avoid unnecessary trips from the same places.
  • Use low sulfur gasoline fuels or consider using other alternative fuels.
  • There are also travel restrictions in some state which prohibit driving in those areas if your car is not compliant with green energy usage regulations.

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