Best Ways to Save On Gas


When you purchase a car, one thing you are assured of is that you will be spending on fuel. Although the consumption of the car and the trips that you make are highly related, there are things that you can do to save on fuel.

It is important that as a car owner, you need to be nimble-witted on how you can save on fuel besides getting a fuel efficient car.

  • Ensure the Tires Are Properly Inflated

Did you know that excess friction of tires on the surface increases fuel consumption? Well, now you know. Under-inflated tires increase friction on the road which means that more fuel is used to move the car.

The best way to ensure proper inflation is to have the pressure checked regularly and ensuring the right pressure. Experts recommend at least every fortnight. Besides increasing gas consumption, poorly inflated tires wear out quickly which is bad for your pocket.

  • Turn Off the Air-Conditioning

You need to keep the car cool or warm when the weather is unbearable. Most people are tempted to keep the air-conditioning on round the clock but this is not advisable because it increases fuel consumption. You can allow air to circulate in when you have parked the car or park it in the shade.

  • Adhere to the Speed Limit

It’s easy to break the law when no one is watching by going beyond the speed limit. It feels good to get where you are going on time or earlier but this has an effect on your car’s fuel consumption. It goes up. Driving at a high speed with see you spend more on gas.

  • Maintain a Constant Speed

This means that you do not accelerate roughly or push the accelerator too far. This highly affects those driving manual cars and opts to push the accelerator too far to avoid changing gears. It might be a good thing when you are doing it but it increases fuel consumption.

  • Close Your Windows

It is interesting that open windows will increase fuel consumption. This is because wind resistance increases drag which is something that will see the car consume higher amounts of fuel than usual. You can eliminate wind resistance by closing the sunroof and windows.

  • Avoid the Rush Hour

The rush hour will not only waste your time on the road, but it also increases fuel consumption. Every time that you brake and accelerate, you use more fuel that you would if you were driving at a low speed. If you have no option but to drive in the rush hour, opt to go at a low speed instead.

Fuel consumption can be a challenge to owning a car but it does not have to be that way. You do not need to put too much effort to save on fuel costs.

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