10 Ingenious Car Hacks


Everyone loves a good ‘ol hack. Especially when it is for something that you use all the time.

That’s why we have compiled this list of ingenious hacks for you car. Check em out and if you like, please share.

Whether you’re going on a road trip or just driving to work, these hacks will surely come in handy.

Instant Car Cool Down

The next time your car is taking forever to cool down, try opening a window, and then repeatedly opening and closing the door on it. That’ll get your ride cooling down in a minute.

The All-Seeing Pizza Guy

The best people to ask directions from are the nearest pizza guys. Why? Because they drive around all day! Chances are, they’ve been to almost every corner of the city. They probably know all the shortcuts like the back of their hand. The next time you find yourself getting a list, look for the nearest pizza guy.

Gasbuddy Is Your Best Buddy

If you’re looking to save up on cash, then you better download GasBuddy now. The app is designed to search for the nearest and cheapest gas stations wherever you may be. With this app, you can save up on gas for as low as 30%.

Keep A Safe Distance To Save On Gas

Always, ALWAYS, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Not only will it keep you safe, but it will also save you some gas. With a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, you won’t have to floor the brakes. Flooring the brakes consumes more gas as opposed to just coming to a slow and smooth stop.


You won’t believe this, but there is actually an easy and cheap way to get rid of those pesky dents. All you need is some dry ice and a pair of gloves. Rub it over the dent, and let it rest before rubbing it over again. Do this periodically and watch as your debt magically disappears.

Inflatable Pool Floatie as a Bed

Look, it’s not the comfiest surface, but placing an inflatable pool floaties at the back seat will make a great bed for you if you plan to drive for long hours. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be having a great nap, but it’s better than just reclining the chair.

Shooting from the Chin

This sounds crazy, but trust me on this one: holding your car remote against your chin will increase its range. Try this out next time you walk away from your car before realizing you forgot to lock it.

Uhhh… Where’s The Fuel Tank?

If you’re driving a friend’s car and you have no idea where the fuel tank is, just look at the gas meter and see what side the little gas pump image is. That’s where the fuel tank is!

The Best View On Your Side Mirrors

Not exactly sure how to position your side mirrors? Just position it until you don’t see the side of the car at all. This is the safest way for it to be positioned, giving you the best view possible.

A Stronger Breeze

If your car’s AC happens to be busted, open the front windows ONLY. This will force the breeze to be more focused, making it stronger.

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